Friday, April 24, 2009

welcome XxX{Buddha}XxX and XxX{smashproof}XxX

Welcome to XxX clan we are not a rifle clan but all the players are quite good in rifle especially XxX{ Leader}XxX , he is a rifle pro... when it comes to FACIAL CUM! haha he can easily blast your head off... this is not a lot of member in XxX or in another words there is a number of them but too bad they are always not playing hope you can be an active player :) Secondly just for ll of your information i have different time zone as all of you therefore chances of us together is slim... and also i have an upcoming exams over the few weeks..

May the god bless you all... and strive!

PH warrior

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hi i greatly welcome comments of the clan but pls try to stay away from rudeness thks alot=)