Friday, May 22, 2009

New members and promotion to some players!

XxX{Leader}XxX [ GOA ]
XxX{ Ph warrior}XxX [GOA]
XxX{ Cpl.sucky}XxX [ GEN ]
XxX{ Magic empire}XxX [COL]
XxX{yobyyy}XxX [1LT]
XxX{Buddha}XxX [ 2LT]
XxX{ Smashproof}XxX [ 2Lt]
XxX{ Pvt. lugi}XxX [ SGM]
XxX{ Gaz}XxX [SGT1]
XxX{ph evo }XxX [ SGT 1 ]
XxX{master}XxX [ SGT1]
XxX{Colonel Ryan}XxX[pvt1]

allright guys this is the new promotion Congrulations to LUGI for being SGM, Master for being SGT1 and a big welcome to CRAZENT AND Colonel Ryan for joining XxX! Same thing, Climb your ranks! Then next promotion will not be that soon but whoever performs well will get double or even TRIPLE promotion... and new comers XxX{leader}XxX will also have the rights to promote anyone he sees fit of...just in case i am away, as i am going to vietnam for 3 weeks.... XxX{leader}XxX, the rest is up to you for the 3 weeks! Leave a meesahe at the Cbox or bluebox before you leave.... Thank you!

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