Sunday, May 17, 2009

ranking system

XxX{Leader}XxX [ GOA ]
XxX{ Ph warrior}XxX [GOA]
XxX{ Cpl.sucky}XxX [ GEN ]
XxX{ Magic empire}XxX [COL]
XxX{yobyyy}XxX [1LT]
XxX{Buddha}XxX [ 2LT]
XxX{ Smashproof}XxX [ 2Lt]
XxX{ Pvt. lugi}XxX [ SGT1]
XxX{ Gaz}XxX [SGT1]
XxX{ph evo }XxX [ SGT 1 ]
XxX{master}XxX [ pvt1]
This is all the players i know as of now... some are no longer seen so we take them as dead if you guys see any XxX ask them to come here and leave a MESSAGE IN THE CBOX. Thank you!

PS: ranking does not mean the years you have been in the clan but rather the skill and effort in teamwork ! Thank you for your understanding

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