Wednesday, July 8, 2009

IMPORTANT take note PLS! Rules!

Members of XxX, please kindly follow this set of rules to prove yourself as a Great fighter. Thank you!

1. Always conduct yourself with the utmost honor, integrity, and discipline.

2. Never fail to answer any legitimate challenge.

3. Never cheat.

4. Never publicly say anything derogatory about the clan or it's warriors.

5. If you suspect someone of cheating, check out their mech or find evidence before accusing the person.

6. Always obey the orders of your superiors, unless the order given is dishonorable.

7. Never give up or disconnect to deprive your enemy of his kill or win, as this is cowardly.

9. Do your best to assist your Clan and team in battle.

10. Never Challenge out of malice or spite. Always act honorably and have a sound reason when issuing a Challenge.

11. You will at NO TIME use lag, or any other excuse to explain why you lost a fight...THE REASON YOU LOST IS YOUR OPPONENT WAS BETTER PREPARED THAN YOU.

Anyone who does not follow this rules or got caught hacking will be banned from the clan. Thank you for your understanding!

XxX{Ph warrior}XxX{1STID}

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hi i greatly welcome comments of the clan but pls try to stay away from rudeness thks alot=)